We know it's September when the neighbors start calling and telling me my Shetland sheep are in their yards or their back pastures.  We live on a loop road, and though the back of our place is well fenced (to keep the neighbors cows OUT), the east and west sides of our property is...

Putting a Store Online

I never in my wildest dreams believed how much work is involved in all those wonderful, easy to navigate websites I've been browsing around in all these years.  It's very time consuming, but I'm learning a lot.  What's hardest is to try to impart the uniqueness and variety that is our "brick and mortar" store, without you the customer being able to see, smell, and most of all TOUCH what's being offered.  For instance, today I sold yarn right off my smoking hot spinning wheel, yarn that wasn't even spun yet.  It was durable, warm light brown Shetland sport weight sock ya