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This cleaner and polish was developed from a recipe so old it called for whale oil.  We've omitted the whale oil!  Safe for use on all surfaces.  Will clean and buff to a nice shine on metal, glass, wood, and plastic.  Safe for use on antique finishes, ivory and bone.  Contains no petroleum products.  Will safely clean tar, pitch, grease and slug slime off human skin.  Nontoxic, food grade.  Wipe on with small cloth or sponge, polish off with clean cloth.


Bright, cheery, keeps needles and pins sharp and in place, wonderful for the seamstress/tailor who has everything!


Bright nontoxic firm felted fun for all!  100% wool to the core, dyed with food grade dyes, completely nontoxic for children and pets. Machine washable/dryable, all weather, durable.  Purrrrfect fun for your fuzzy or feathery friends.  Great therapy for hand strengthening or stress management.  Decorative!  *Portion of proceeds are donated to local no kill animal shelter.


Wonderful handmade luxury soaps, enrobed in the softest wools on the planet.  Practical and economical.  The wool covering acts as a mild exfoliant, and wicks water away from the wet bar after use, drying it quickly, and prolonging the life of the soap.  Dyed with food grade dyes, completely nontoxic.


Chocolate.  This chocolate is legal.  Nonfattening, but mouth-watering in scent and texture.  This balm is rich in organic, cold pressed cocoa butter, and enhanced with the tiniest backnote of Madagascar vanilla bean.  It's called Lover's Balm because the Central American natives believe both chocolate and vanilla to enhance romance.  This balm melts readily on the palms and makes an excellent massage oil.  Food grade edible in case your small child decides to taste it!   Contains no carcinogens, no petroleum products, no stearic acid, no marine mammal derived fatty esters.   Ingredients:  Olive oil, cocoa butter, local beeswax, Madagascar vanilla bean.


Gardener's Balm is perfect for damaged skin.  It's antiseptic, antibiotic and fast healing properties are derived from healing herbs steeped in the organic olive oil for over 12 hours.  Contains no carcinogens, no petroleum products, no stearic acid, no marine mammal derived alcohol esters.   Ingredients:  Olive oil, local beeswax, and a proprietary mixture of  fresh and dried lavender, comfrey root and leaf, thyme, plaintain, rosemary, calendula flowers, echinacea purpurea.   2 oz. airline approved containers.


Why put felt onto soap?  It acts as a gentle exfoliant, you don't need to use a washcloth or scrubbie.  And as soon as you're done, the wool wicks the water down and away from the bar, keeping it hard and dry.  It will outlast a naked bar of soap by far.  This gentle, superfatted soap is scented with Port Orford Cedar essential oil, a natural insect repellant.  This is a favorite with hunters, fishermen, campers and wildlife photographers.  Wild animals can't pick up your scent if you use this.  Repels fleas, ticks, mosquitos, but NOT yellowjackets, unfortunately.  It's the perfect dog wash.  Dogs don't hate the scent, and won't roll in something icky after being washed. 


For those numerous occasions when you just want to go natural.  Natural colored wool, in Brunette (shown), dyed wool in Blond, or Rasta-Red.  Easy to pin into your existing hat, or we'll add it to your hat order, permanently sewn in.


These little beauties are meticulously hand turned by a local myrtlewood shop from wood obtained in our area.  Myrtlewood is hard, dense, durable, and the perfect weight  for a drop spindle.  Each spindle is hand finished with Spinner's Polish, assembled with a Port Orford Cedar shaft, a local wood which is a natural moth repellant, and finished off with a cotton split leader string and a brass hook.   Choose top whorl style or bottom whorl style!  Light enough for lace weight, heavy enough for bulky yarns.


This is a medium weight, durable and sturdy felting needle, size 36.  We've found these to be absolutely the best for any application you have in mind.  They don't break easily, and are great for fine detail.


Our SPF 22 Sun Stick is incredibly good for your skin compared to most commercial products.  It has no petroleum products, no carcinogens, no irritants, no fragrance oils.  It contains coconut oil and oat kernel oil as soothing anti-inflammatories.  It is extremely rich in zinc oxide.  Sun Stick is in a handy purse and diaperbag sized stick.  Sun Stick washes readily out of clothing.  Sun Stick should be reapplied after going into water. 


This balm is anti-inflammatory.  It's excellent for surface burns, sunburn, insect bites, or irritated swollen skin.  The oat kernel oil leaves your skin feeling velvety baby smooth, this balm will keep your hands at their softest and most supple.  We've infused just a hint of essence of Madagascar vanilla.  This balm, like our others, is carcinogen free, petroleum product free, non-toxic, food grade and edible. 


Baby Balm will leave your baby's skin at its most healthy.  Baby Balm contains coconut oil and oat kernel oil as anti-inflammatories.  It contains no carcinogens, no petroleum products, is nonstaining and completely washes out of cloth diapers and clothing.  Baby Balm has an SPF of 22, and can be used as skin protection.  Our Sun Stick is the same balm, in a handy purse and diaper bag size.  Try both sizes for your convenience! 


The lustrous, shiny 30% silk and the kitten soft 70% 19 micron merino wool in this roving is intertangled, not well blended.  Because of that, it picks up fully saturated colors and reflects vivid hues back to you.  It's perfect for felting projects, spins into gorgeous unique yarn, and is a serious decorative statement just coiled into a basket.  The photos don't do it justice.  The roving is soft as a butterly's kiss and twice as brilliant as tropical bird plumage.  Each one ounce piece of the roving is meticulously hand painted, one  at a time, in 16 different colorways.  it's also available in pristine, dyeable white. And best of all, you can call us and request custom colors.   BUTTERCUP:  Clear yellow with touches of gold.  POPPY:  Rich gold with orange tinges.  FIRE:  Bright orange with red embers.  STRAWBERRY:  Rich red with dark undernotes.  CRANBERRY:  Oregon coast cranberries are known for their brilliant color.  BERRIES:  Blackberry, Huckleberry, Blueberry, Thimbleberry, all mixed together.  BLACKBERRY:  Purples.  RIVER:  Blue with dark blue.  OCEAN:  Blue with kelp brown. NIGHT:  gorgeous dark greens with hints of blue/purple.  MOSS:  Dark teal with brown.  WOODLAND:  Deep greens with purply blues.  LICHEN:  Olive, purple and gold.  LOAM:  Rich warm brown.  TREEBARK:  Deep browns, greys.  RIVERBANK:  Bright green with turquoise.  WHITE:  Pristine, snowy.  And a new one, WILD NIGHT, deep blue/green/purple.