April Showers Bring ????

Ok, yes, although I know it's now April, the March winds are finally here with a vengeance.  And it's the usual mix:  torrential rain driven sideways by the gusts of wind.  We keep our sense of humor by watching the free ranging hens, as they turn tail to the wind and are blown inside out like an old umbrella.  It never ceases to amuse.  Not so amusing is our current dilemma with our rural water system, and our (if I can be so indelicate as to mention it) septic line.  It seems the well and the septic must have heard us talking about squandering our tax return money on the poor decrepit farm trucks.  They decided otherwise.  It's amazing how insignificant failing brakes and "check engine" lights suddenly become when your water ceases to flow both into and out of your home.  Being of sound mind and bodies (aak, no flush toilets!) we called the septic people first, although the well people are waiting in the wings.  Today our problems are somewhat resolved, (all systems go!) and we'll have our visit from the well fairies in the next few days to lighten our moods even further.  Meanwhile, if we want a good brisk shower, all that's needed is a step onto the back porch and a bar of soap.  There's nothing like country life.  Absolutely nothing like it.

On the sheepish front, my little boarded flock of sheep has been augmented.  In the past week the little brown ewe burst forth with the cutest little brown twin ewe lambs you ever saw.  At first glance they appear black, but they are actually a rich bittersweet chocolate brown.  Mom and babies are doing fine.  The previous month's lambs are growing fast. I finally named the largest bummer lamb "Roughneck".  He's about an inch taller than the two white twins, and seems to feel that all three bottles should be his by right of victorious battle.  I have hoof print shaped bruises halfway up my thighs.  One of the lambs may make a public debut on Sunday, April 14, and Sunday, April 21, up at Pony Village Mall in North Bend, we have a spinning demo, and lambs are always a big hit with the city folk.  I'll have to do a serious lamb washing to make one presentable.  It seems most city folks think lambs are white, soft and fluffy.  HA!  I'm infinitely grateful to the rain for reducing the lamb miasma just a bit too.  It's just not natural for lambs not to be rained on.

And for the fourth year in a row, the wind is blowing all the blossoms off my asian pear trees.... I'm a slow learner.  Ah well, that's what excessive amounts of fresh eggs are for, to sell so I can afford asian pears from Costco.


Stay dry!