Daffodils and Lambs

February is always the month where I watch the intrepid daffodils poke their grey-green leaves up from the deep green of last fall's grass, and begin to show their blossom buds.  Last year my mother and I planted 20 different varieties, including GREEN ones, all along one side of my driveway.  This year they've flourished and spread, and are making an incredible display.  We're hoping to get the other side of the long driveway planted this year.

Lambs are beginning to appear along side the roadways, startlingly clean and white next to their grungy "I've worn this coat all winter" mothers.  They are bouncing and frolicking around in the wan winter sunshine, occasionally stopping to take a sip of milk from their long suffering mothers, or to curl up and sleep on top of the placid ewe, lying in the grass chewing her cud.  It always amazes me how high the lambs can jump, not to mention the fact that they can outrun you before they are 24 hours old.

Things are perking right along at the shop, our artists who are huddled around their woodstoves (or forced air heater vents) are cranking out unique beautiful things to bring to us in the shop.  We've had a surprising number of people come in with wool working equipment too, we now have a really nice wool combing stand, with 5 pitch English combs, a pair of small carders, all nicely and sturdily built of wood.  We also have several more used spinning wheels in stock, although I'm still convinced the Spinolutions Mach II is the best wheel on the planet.

I hope your winter days are productive and satisfying!