Five Week Countdown

Here I am, looking around this  beautiful old building (she'll be 100 next year, folks!) and alternating between a happy anticipation of closing down the outlet store, and feeling sad that I'll probably be missing the interaction with all the wonderful people on a day to day basis.  What won't change is my love for wool and other fibers, and my working with it every single day.  I'm anticipating with dread the uphill battle to teach myself to really utilize my website, and Etsy.  I'm really (I can't begin to tell you how much) looking forward to never processing white wool for money again.  If I ever (ever!) process white wool again, it will be for me.  The past 12 years of processing around 3000 lb. of white wool a year both with and without lots of help, has kind of soured me on that color.  Yes, it dyes beautifully, but so does grey.  I just gutted and inventoried the washed, picked wool in my felt factory, it's ready to card, and I have scads more brown than I thought I did, yay!  And very little white.  Also yay.  So five weeks to go, to empty this shop and get all my ducks in a row (although it's more like herding cats) and then the Great Re-Org happens.  WRWF will emerge from the ashes, in a totally new incarnation, a new beginning.  That I'm really looking forward to.