Silk-Merino Hand Painted Roving


The lustrous, shiny 30% silk and the kitten soft 70% 19 micron merino wool in this roving is intertangled, not well blended.  Because of that, it picks up fully saturated colors and reflects vivid hues back to you.  It's perfect for felting projects, spins into gorgeous unique yarn, and is a serious decorative statement just coiled into a basket.  The photos don't do it justice.  The roving is soft as a butterfly's kiss and twice as brilliant as tropical bird plumage.  Each one ounce piece of the roving is meticulously hand painted, one  at a time, in 16 different colorways.  it's also available in pristine, dyeable white. And best of all, you can call us and request custom colors.   BUTTERCUP:  Clear yellow with touches of gold.  POPPY:  Rich gold with orange tinges.  FIRE:  Bright orange with red embers.  STRAWBERRY:  Rich red with dark undernotes.  CRANBERRY:  Oregon coast cranberries are known for their brilliant color.  BERRIES:  Blackberry, Huckleberry, Blueberry, Thimbleberry, all mixed together. RHODY: dark magenta and fuchsia.  BLACKBERRY:  Purples.  RIVERS:  Blue with dark blue, hints of green and purple.  OCEANS:  Blue with kelp brown. NIGHT:  gorgeous dark greens with hints of blue/purple.  MOSS:  Dark teal with brown.  WOODLAND:  Deep greens with purply blues.  LICHEN:  Olive and gold.  LOAM:  Rich warm brown with gold.  TREEBARK:  Deep browns, dk greys.  RIVERBANK:  Bright green with turquoise. WILD NIGHT, deep blue/green/purple.  WHITE:  Pristine, snowy. .

Price: $9.00