Welcome to Wild Rivers Wool

Located in the remote area of Wild Rivers Coast in southwest Oregon, Wild Rivers Wool Factory  was started in 2005 by two local women with a dream, desire and a vision of creating jobs, increasing cash flow in the community, while promoting the sheep and wool industry in the United States and creating an experience for the artist, crafter, hobbiest and traveler.

With the help and support of their community and families, a long held dream was brought to reality.   The Factory Outlet Store opened Memorial Day, 2008, and has been supplying quality natural fiber goods and services for over 8 years.  The Outlet Store features all locally grown fibers, representing over 20 different sheep breeds, local alpaca, llama, mohair & pygora goat, and angora bunny.  All our finished goods are made locally by more than 50 artists, artisans and hard working master craftsmen.

Wild Rivers Wool Factory offers classes, workshops, demonstrations, apprenticeships, scholarships, and most of all, an enthusiasm for EVERYTHING WOOL.

When you choose to support Wild Rivers Wool Factory, you choose to support a community.

Silk-Merino Hand Painted Roving


The lustrous, shiny 30% silk and the kitten soft 70% 19 micron merino wool in this roving is intertangled, not well blended.  Because of that, it picks up fully saturated colors and reflects vivid hues back to you.  It's perfect for felting projects, spins into gorgeous unique yarn, and is a serious decorative statement just coiled into a basket.  The photos don't do it justice.  The roving is soft as a butterly's kiss and twice as brilliant as tropical bird plumage.  Each one ounce piece of the roving is meticulously hand painted, one  at a time, in 16 differ

Price: $8.00


Our classes are scheduled on an as needed basis, including private handspinning.  Just call or e mail us and request the class you want, with time and day preferences.  All classes are $35 and include all equipment and materials.  All classes except handspinning are 2 hours long.


Happy Birthday, USA!

We had our usual 4th of July, with the shop open 7 days a week, we don't do much.  I did sneak off to a barbecue and chatted with people about the upcoming An Tyr War just south of us.  It's a Society for Creative Anachronism event held yearling, with jousting, sword fighting, archery contests, and lots of cool stuff to purchase.  Cindy and I got into our Renaissance costumes and wandered down there a year or two ago, had a good time.  What we like best is that all those folks traveling home on Sunday stop in our shop to stock up on wool goodies.  I was very proud

June Gloom

"Better Late Than Never" has been our family motto for many years.  It is however a lousy way to run a blog.  Apologies to anyone out there reading this stuff.  June came in warm and sunny, but just about the time I wanted to shear my sheep, the June Gloom hit, with just enough rain that nobody could mow a lawn, or shear a sheep.  I caught my shearer, Wendy, just as the sun was breaking through the clouds one morning, and two days later we did the dirty deed.  She had some trouble with her equipment, her favorite shearing tool had broken, she was waiting for parts,

April Showers Bring ????

Ok, yes, although I know it's now April, the March winds are finally here with a vengeance.  And it's the usual mix:  torrential rain driven sideways by the gusts of wind.  We keep our sense of humor by watching the free ranging hens, as they turn tail to the wind and are blown inside out like an old umbrella.  It never ceases to amuse.  Not so amusing is our current dilemma with our rural water system, and our (if I can be so indelicate as to mention it) septic line.  It seems the well and the septic must have heard us talking about squandering our tax return

Daffodils and Lambs

February is always the month where I watch the intrepid daffodils poke their grey-green leaves up from the deep green of last fall's grass, and begin to show their blossom buds.  Last year my mother and I planted 20 different varieties, including GREEN ones, all along one side of my driveway.  This year they've flourished and spread, and are making an incredible display.  We're hoping to get the other side of the long driveway planted this year.